Bullion Coins

Investing 10 to 20 percent of a diversified portfolio in Gold, Silver and Platinum has long been recommended by financial minds as a hedge against inflation. While paper assets lose ground relative to inflation, Gold and other Precious Metals can retain or increase in value. When the Precious Metal is in the form of U.S. Gold, Platinum and Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs or South African Gold Krugerrands, it becomes an investment in Bullion.

As we develop each portfolio investment, we consider an investment in Bullion. Palladium, Platinum, Gold and Silver are options. The difference with Bullion is that this product has no collective value. It is based solely on margins, and therefore must be monitored continuously. At Liquid Bullion Coin And Collectibles, we provide attentive monitoring of your financial investments and market prices as a regular part of our portfolio assessment. Our mix of Precious Metals is shown in our bronze, silver and gold portfolio models. Please understand, however, that we will customize each investment to meet your individual needs.